03 December 2009

Sourced Fabric and Colour Palette...

I sourced the above fabric over the weekend from a local fabric shop. I'm loving the first 3 samples and I am going to get more and will be using it to print on. I'm not so keen on the bottom sample, I feel it just doesn't work so when I go back for more fabric I will look for something else. On the right is my colour palette as it is at the moment. I might have to make some changes to it once I start my fashion illustrations as I am not entirely sure how it will work. But hopefully all will be ok and the colour will look great when I start to print. Only time will tell.


Milly. said...

Hey :)
Really like this blog.
I like the way in which you include lots of bits and pieces - like your tutorial sheet! And now your sketchpad.

Also adore your 'inspiration' side panel.

M xx

Joshua said...

Hi Emma thank you for your comment I am glad you like my music and I pray that I can continue to make great music so I can one day become part of your listening rotation and so good to you till the point you are telling every one about me. Take care and thank you so much.

Velo said...

wow you are from textile design? fabulous.

HIP HOP said...

follow my blog and ill follow yours 100%