03 December 2009


Had my tutorial again today which went great. I now know exactly what i'm doing with this project and my work is going in the right direction. So far I have a sketchbook full of ideas and inspiration. I have a colour palette, I have sourced fabric, and started my print designs, all of which I said I would have done by this week. My original market was 'All Saints' but last week my work wasn't really fitting the 'All Saints' brand. This week I gave more thought to which brand my work could fit into and I have found a way to make it fit 'All Saints'. I am going to look at unisex clothing, and mens suits as inspiration, as in pre-war times, women would alter their husbands suits to fit them, as there was a limit on fabric. My print designs are ok aswell, I just need to play with scale and push my ideas. I said last week I wanted to bring the 'Make Do and Mend' theme back into my work, I have decided to do this with print.

So to do by next Thursday:

  • Finish print designs

  • Play with scale and placement print

  • Screen print some small samples

  • Digitally print

  • Photograph sewing machines in the 'All Saints' Market Street window

  • Look at unisex fashion

  • Analytical drawing

  • Design garments/Fashion illustrations

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