14 December 2009

Tutorial - 14th December

Before the tutorial I looked over what I had done during the week. I had sourced fabric, done my fashion illustrations, my print designs, started my book pages, and photographed the 'All Saints' store window. I did everything I said I was going to do and i'd say I used my time well although I could have done more work. I feel that my progress this week has been ok, however I could have done more work.

In my tutorial we discussed my fashion illustrations, print designs, layout and what my next steps for the project are going to be. It was said that my prints in progress are looking good, I just need to submit them for screen print and digital print. We also talked about fashion illustrations. I have already done my fashion illustrations but they are too similar as I used the same figure as a template, therefore I am going to redo them using several different figures, and do them in the same style as the original template illustration I did. I need to start to draw from real graments and learn how thhey are constructed in order to improve my fashion illustrations. My page layout is also looking good so far, I need to consider how I will brand all the work.

To do by next week:

  • Fashion Illustrations

  • Garment Analysis

  • Submit all Print Work

  • Conside Branding

  • Work On Pages

Here is some of the work I have done this week.
If you use any of my images please credit me.


Luluplay said...

thanks for finding me, i love your blog too, i really like your works!!!



Emma ... said...

your welcome!
and thankyou :)
emma x

we've broke our mirrors said...

these are amazing!!
lauren wilson told me to follow you :) shes my flat mate.
really love you blog!