25 September 2011

Lovely Interiors ...


Since I have been saving up to move out I have been a bit obsessed with interiors. My new loves are The Pottery Barn (not forgetting PBTeen which I must say to some beautiful pieces and they even do delivery to the UK) and H&M home, their cushion covers are to die for! I am loving white space with the odd dash of colour and quirky assests. I am really tempted to buy the smile, laugh and dream wall hangings for my necklaces...I think it would look lovely on any wall.

Source: Pinterest
Cushion covers: H&M Home
Wall Hangings: Pottery Barn Teen


Spencer. said...

Ooh deffinately go for the wall hanging! I know it sounds bizarre but I really like the idea of hanging my jewellery collection from a set of faux deer antlers in my bedroom, tehe.

Awesome blog btw, the images you post are so inspiring! x

Rose said...

i have the same obsession with interiors... saving too many photos of sweet fit outs, its crazy! lovely pics here though :)