19 November 2009

Tutorial Thursday 19th November

I had my first tutorial for the current project today and I'd say it went really well! discussed my ideas with my tutor as well as my aims, my anticipated outcomes, my strategies, and my resources. My initial inspiration is still the credit crunch and 'fighting back when times are hard' and I have been looking at some ideas from the post-war era such as 'Make Do and Mend'. This has then led me on to a string of deas related to 'Make Do and Mend, and the war, military fashion and 1940's fashion. Although this seems a lot of ideas I am still going to keep them all in mind as I feel as my work proogresses the ideas will become stronger and interlink. We discussed my strenghts and how and could play on them and my weaknesses and I have decided to focus on print and illustration, and try and improve my presentation skills and pay work attention to fabric.

My plan for the week is:
  • Work on my ideas and develop them into something stronger
  • Look at colour, season, print, detail, market level, branding, garment shapes and fabric
  • Find images of inspiration and images to back up my work
  • Start Sketchbook
  • Do some market Research
  • Make a weekly timetable

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