18 November 2009

New Project!

Ok so with the trendbook project now out of the way its time to start a new project! This time we have to write our own brief which is going to be interesting. I have decided to do another trendbook, mainly because I want to explore new ideas rather than carry on with the same theme I explored in my previous Trend Book 'New Exotica'. Another reason I want to do another trendbook is because i'm starting to become really interested in magazine and book layout and i'd like to work on my illustration skills.
In fashion external events influence fashion so I have decided to use the credit crunch as my starting point and link it with the 'Make Do and Mend Campaign' from 1943.
To Do This Week:
  • Research into my theme and have a range of ideas I can start to develop into designs next week.
  • Look at trendbooks that are already out there.
  • Write my Learning Agreement.

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