27 April 2009

Tutorl 24th April

Tutorl 24th April
I had my tutorial and it went really well. I'd started to cut up garments, such as plain white shirts and draw directly onto them with fabric markers. As for a theme I have decided to look at the circus for inspiration, looking at everything from imagery, to colour to pattern.
From looking at the samples I have already done, I feel that my work fits in well with menswear, for a spring/summer collection. As for my colour palette i'm thinkin bright colours which are associated with the circus. I would like to include text in my samples as I really like the typical circus font, and it can look quite interesting on clothes, especially menswear. I want to use really vivid imagry.
As for techniques, I'm thinking of trying pleating, bleaching, and various printing and dyeing techniques. As well as this I find drawing drectly onto fabric really good, and I will also experiment with cutting fabric and stitching it together. Collaged fabric, applique, and reverse applique could also be really interesting. There are many different ways I could use colour and intrepet this in my work, ranging from dyeing the fabric, to just using a different colour thread to stitch.

To Do ..

  • Carry in with sketchbook
    Start to dye fabrics
    Continue to sample

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