27 April 2009

Recycled Cloth - Upcycled Fashion

Supporting Study 2
Recycled Cloth - Upclycled Fashion
(Fashion embroidery)
Live brief: working with London-based company. As we move out of recession and into a new stage of economic development how will we shop? What will we wear? How will the world be different? The environment and the impact of global warming, the possible slow down of globalisation and more local, slower less resource intensive products are likely to be what is required. There are companies being established who have a definite position on the impact of designed products and are coming up with ingenious ideas of re-using and minimising the impact of product development on the environment whilst still producing cool and desirable stuff. Often ‘recycled’ has a feeling of hairy, old, sweaty, noble, dull worthiness about it. We would like you to consider that recycled can be funky, sophisticated, bright, optimistic and modern. Working with a palette of used clothing and textiles you are asked to utilise your knowledge, ideas and skills to make new textiles from old cloth. You are asked to produce a collection of fabric samples, which function as a collection of fashion fabric ideas. The collection you produce will be either womenswear or menswear, and may be connected by colour, theme and technique using techniques and methods at your disposal (stitch, print, dye, handknit, weave). We are not running inductions as part of this project so it is intended that you use workshops that you have already been inducted into or collaborate with someone who has.

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