08 March 2009


The British edition of Vogue is a fashion magazine that has been published since 1916.
When British Vogue was launched, it was the first overseas edition of an existing magazine. Under the magazine's first editor, Elspeth Champcommunal, the magazine was essentially the same as the American edition, but for its anglicized spellings. Under its second editor, Dorothy Todd, the magazine shifted its focus from fashion to literature and lost much of its audience. It was under Alison Settle, the magazine's third editor, that the magazine took off. British Vogue's current editor-in-chief is Alexandra Shulman. British Vogue is more commercial in approach than other editions of Vogue.
British Vogue is the most profitable British magazine as well as the most profitable Vogue besides the US edition. In 2007, it ran 2,020 pages of advertising at an average of £16,000 a page.


The Onslaught of War -

March 1940 - Illustrator Jean Pages allows two allied soldiers to march across the cover. Two months later hitler invaded France, and this then led to a temporary closure of Vogue.

September 1943- During the war most magazines were suspended due to the run on paper, however Vogue stayed fought to stay open on the basis that it could provide useful clothing directives.

November 1943 - Wartime Shopping

Vogue has ideas for giving new life to clothes and give handy tips such as knittin your own stockings and repairing tired garments.



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