08 March 2009

Hussein Chalayan - Place To Passage

In the film place to passage, the viewer is taken on a complex phychological journey through the contemporary urban cityscapes of London and Istanbul, via the barren setting of post-industrial landscapes to an icy wilderness. The perspective flactuates from the objective to the subjective. At times the viewer is a mere systander following the speeding vehicle, with its androgynous female passenger, as it oursues its rentless route around them. At other times they find themselves cocooned on the inside, the pod acting as a calm refuge for reflection. Srands of te passanger's life begin to flash past, and we become aware of the symbolic dimension to the journey. As the vehicle traces a lifecycle, the film examines how velociity affects our senses and memories.

The video can be watched at http://www.neutral.gs/p2p/www/qt/p2p.html

I feel inspired by this video from the aesthetics. I feel that the colours used, and the futuristic feel of the pod and the 50's feel of the woman work really well together and relates to a book I have been looking at called 'Future Perfect'.

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