11 November 2011

Birthday Celebrations...

This week has been a jam packed not had time to stop and take a breath kind of week (in a good way). It was my birthday and my week off work has been filled with shopping, celebrations, concerts, eating out and planning for the weekend which means more birthday celebrations! I had such a lovely birthday mainly thanks to my boyfriend who made it a very special day! I got a pair of Vivienne Westwood orb stud earrings which I have been eyeing up now for quite a while so I was so excited when I opened the gift wrap and saw the name Vivienne Westwood on the cute little box! I have been wearing them since and never want to take them off! I was also desperate for a new pair of earphones for my iPod so you can imagine my excitement when I opened the Juicy Couture strawberry earbuds! They are so cute and beautifully presented I can not wait to use them! I had also been after a Stackers jewellery box for ages as well and was really hoping I would get one...which I did! And I have had so much fun organising my jewellery in it! I still need a few more layers as I have so much jewellery but some of my favourite pieces are nicely stored in there! I have also made a few naughty purchases this week...with my birthday money, I invested in some chunky knits for winter and some boots as well as lots of other lovely things.. I might just attempt to do my first outfit post if I can pluck up the courage! 

Images via Pinterest
Shoes - Boutique Brand, Cardigan - New Look, Headphones - Juicy Couture, Earrings - Vivienne Westwood

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Wny_ningyou said...

Wowwww beautiful gifts dear!
Happy b'day to you!

By the way I haven;t get any notification that you've follow my blog
Maybe you can try it again

Have a great day!