03 February 2011

Tutorial Week 1...

I had my first weekly tutorial for my new and final project at uni on Monday. This project will run right through until June and will form the work that I must have for my Final Graduate Degree Show, so very scary and important! For this project I am going to really push my work and ideas from the last project, but really develop it into a professional outcome. I will still be using florls as my theme but I am going to bring new elements into the designs. This new project will be much more focused on seasons, colour and individual collections. I am going to create a number of different collections, with different colour palettes and for different seasons but using the same theme running throughout. This will really help me when it comes to putting together my portfolio as I will be able to show a greater understanding. On this project I also would like to experiment with fabric, using both digital printing and screen printing, and I would also like to try out laser cutting. I might not use these techniques in my final designs in June but they will be a very important part of the initial experimentation and will guide me to what I want to do at the end.

This week I need to start thinking about my print designs and bring some new elements into them, as well as experiment a little with colour as I need to start getting my designs on to fabric as soon as possible. I also need to look at different brands and see at which level my work would suit, which I have now done (see images below). 

So for next week I must have:
  • Some idea of initial direction
  • Have a sense of what I want to do
  • Market Research
  • Start a time-plan
  • Generated some imagery
These are some consumer boards I had made to help me determine the type of market level my work would fit into, and to see what different brands are coming up with as well as what kind of customers shop at these brands.

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