16 January 2011

Design Boards...

Self Evaluation

Looking back on this project I feel that my strengths lay in my print designs and my weaknesses lay in my development work and technique as I didn’t experiment with technique as much as I would have liked. As for time management I would say that I managed my time ok but could have managed it better. I made a timetable which I made on a weekly basis and planned my time week by week. I allocated my time to different areas of the project I had to concentrate on although I did feel that I got a bit lost with time and spent far too long on some areas of the project such as developing my ideas at the beginning. Once I got past the initial ideas development stage of the project I felt very motivated about the project. I think that I felt as motivated as I did because I found what I was doing interesting and I was learning new things.  As for responding to advice I would say that I responded to it positively. New things were suggested which I responded to and I took new ideas onboard.  This didn’t always work but I did try. As for criticism I’d say I took it positively. If I hadn’t my work would have suffered. I would say that one of the stronger points of the project was my print designs. I spent a lot of time concentrating on this area of the project, however I would have liked to develop them further, but this is something I can really push myself with on the next project. I would say my research could have been stronger, and could have really benefitted my work if it had been. As for my weaknesses, I would say it was my development work. I could have done a lot more to develop the project and I could have taken a more experimental approach. As for resolving the final designs I found it challenging but very enjoyable at the same time. On future projects I would like to try and manage my time better, I did make a time-table but I feel I need to come up with other ways to help manage my time. I have decided to present my work in the form of design boards, with digital media and design files to show my journey of this project. I feel that presenting my work like this will have a stronger outcome than if I present my work any other way and it is more professional. I did want to digitally print my designs onto fabric, however I found that I didn’t have time when I got to that stage in the project. However I will bear this in mind for next time.

Alongside this project I entered a competition with Designers Republic, and worked it into this project, which I found very helpful.

Overall I am very pleased with my final collection of print designs. Although I could have managed my time better and been more experimental I feel this project had a positive outcome.


Wise Rabbit Says said...

love this ! i like how you have shown your throughts and plans right down to the final thing !
i would love for you to check out my blog and tell me what you think

Fran said...

Wow you're very talented!
Lovely lovely blog - you have yourself a new follower!

Anonymous said...

I am a 1st year Print student, so glad i found this blog! Great site