02 December 2010

Weekly Tutorial...

Tutorial 15th November 2010
Today’s tutorial went really well, and many new ideas were brought up as to how I can go on to further develop my work. It was said that my work so far is ok and I am going in the right direction however there are some things I could do to improve the work such as play with colour, scale and the imagery I am using.
To Do For Next Week:
Play with scale and zoom in on small sections.
Could have one big flower and lots of small flowers.
Play around with colour have some very black and some very spacey and white.
Play with what is real and what is abstract.
Paint with my left hand with a stick etc.
Experiment with colour.
Some of the simpler prints look quite effective.
Do something really different with each image.
Try lots of new things.
Bring new shapes in: eg. Torn paper, shapes, squares and rectangles.
Use background colours.
Look back at summer project to use textures.
Blur imagery.
Use imagery of butterflies etc patterned wings.
Try some complicated compositions.
Try not to use same imagery.
Do a colour palette.
Make flowers look metallic, like chrome.
Paint patterns into paint bucket tool.
Paint bucket into other images/patterns.

All Images are my own. Please credit me if you use elsewhere.

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