22 April 2010


Well its that time again and I have a new project to begin! The project is a digital print project and the theme is Organic-Synthetic. For this project I think I am going to go down the more organic route and create prints made from collages of flowers and animals. I have been really inspired by the work of Abraka and Pixel Nouveau. It is worth checking out both of their websites! I have also found a lot of inspiration in flowers and animals such as tigers and deer. 


I had my tutorial yesterday and it went quite well. The main emphasis int he tutorial was for the tutor to see where I am going with the project and what kind of imagery I am looking at and what my inspiration is. I have a wide ranger of imagery for inspiration so now its time to start drawing and taking photographs which I can then use to create collages for print designs. As for the end result of this project, I would like to come up with a range of print designs with supporting illustrations, however I am going to see where it takes me.


Anonymous said...

that's badass. i saw some deer the other night by the lake:) looks like you know what you want! xx

Rose said...

great pictures...really striking!

sayablack said...

Amazing post!!
I loove all your selection.
I've just found your blog...fabulous!

Deborah said...

Great photo's i love it !

L. said...

gorgous pictures! very inspirational!

rachel said...

Wow, I love those first three images! Can't wait to see what you come up with.

mel said...

amazing photos! i love the designs! looking through your blog, you are so so talented:) i've always wanted to meet a textiles deisgner to find out what its like to design textiles..your designs are amazing i love them! when i leave high school, hopefully i can get into an art and design college for fashion design:) following your blog