05 February 2010

Hannah Hosienna...

Beautiful right? I came across these images and I absolutly adore them! Her work is so beautiful and delicate and really inspiring me on my current university project which is a Digital print based project and I have chosen a theme of birds along with lots of other random things which I will post soon!
What do you think?

Source: yasly.


Jessica Druck said...

as eerie as this post is...totally got me into a gothic ish spring mood. i think it was the eggs. hah. : )

-marta said...

All the shots are so delicate and calming, I really like them, especially the second one. great shots :)

Zi said...

hi emma
the colors in these pictures are so beautiful

they remind me of one of the post of today on my blog: the work of sam frenzel


ashford said...

very dreamy, ethereal photos. i love little birdies.

Sequins♡Sparkles said...

wow! i love these pics. the one with the girl and the gun is the best!
nice post :)


Ddays Of Our Lives said...

I totally agree with you all of these pics are really inspiring! Love the lights!