20 November 2009

The Traditional 1940's Silhouette

I have started to look at the traditional 1940's garment and silhouette shape so I can start to design my own garments. I think that these photographs are a good representation of 1940's fashion. I like a lot about the 1940's silhouette. I like the strong shoulders and the way the garment comes in at the waist and ouffs out at the hips. I think it can be a good starting point my my garment shapes for my project.

'Most women wore skirts at or near knee-length, with simply-cut blouses or shirts and square-shouldered jackets. Popular magazines and pattern companies advised women on how to remake men's suits into smart outfits, since the men were in uniform and the cloth would otherwise sit unused. Eisenhower jackets became popular in this period. Influenced by the military, these jackets were bloused at the chest and fitted at the waist with a belt.'

Images and quote from flickr and a very interesting blog I came across.


Christina Rodrigues said...

i love 40's fashion :)
i wish i could design my own clothes!

Emma ... said...

i'm sure you could if you tried! :)