21 November 2009

Aquilano Rimondi Fall 2009 Ready To Wear Collection

I'm loving Aquilano Rimondi's Fall 2009 Collection! Again it is very 1940's silhouette inspired. It's so sophisticated and fabulous! 'Draped-shouldered dresses fit for an old-time movie star'. I love this a lot! A great source of inspiration! It's very overexaggertated which is something i'm looking at incorporating into my own designs when I start them.

Aquilano Said "On the runway, you sometimes have to exaggerate, but we also just want to make clothes women will want to wear. And not to keep changing every season for the sake of it. Continuity matters."

Images and quotes from here.


The Poor Little Rich Girls said...

Nice blog, how long have you lived in Manchester- love it and there are some great shops .
Exaggerated shoulders are brilliant because they make anyone look smaller! Good luck with the textile course.
Love, The poor Little Rich Girl's. x

Emma ... said...

Thankyou! I'v only been living in Manchester a year and a half and I love it :) and thanks for the good luck!
Just checked out your blog btw and I like :) I'm now following you :)
So whats it like being an intern? Thats something I would LOVE to do! x

888bingo said...

Nice picks of pictures! I super love the last piece! It's so sophisticated!