15 October 2009

Tutorial ...

Ok so we are three weeks into the new prpject and my inspiration for a new trend comes from the Worl Cup in South Africa. I feel that using South African and the World Cup is a great starting point and I feel that I can bring so many different ideas into this project! This week I have researched into Africa and what inspires me about it and I got a lot of inspiration from garment shapes to colours to patterns and textures.
From the tutorial I now know which direction I am taking my work in. However I do need to do more research. At the minute the majority of my ideas are inspired by Africa, and I can't just take African colours and textiles and put them on Western garments. I have to look at the World Cup and football and mix it up a little with the whole African theme.
To Do This Week
  • Research
  • Look into football and womens sportswear
  • Look at text on clothes
  • Have a colour palette ready

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