25 October 2009

Tutorial - Thursday 22nd October

I had my tutorial today and I felt it went really well! I still have a lot to but I now know which direction I'm taking my work in. I need to start to bring the African theme back into my work as at the minute it isn't really present.
I am going to look at traditional African clothing and how it it cut and the use of binding and wrapping fabric. I can then come up with some garment silhouettes. I have already done a series of fashion illustrations but after the tutorial I feel that they need to be a bit more African. I have also decided to add to my colour palette as it is a but limited to primary colours so I am going to bring more neutral colours into it.
I have had a few ideas for print designs. I'd like to use numbers on the garments, but have them very oversized! I think this could make a really good print.
I also need to look at traditional African Textiles and patterns in order to get an understanding for the whole theme.
Mix it up a little!!

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UnoCosa said...

love those saturated hues .... great inspiration photo to pick up color story, xx