02 March 2009

H&M Organics

British High Street Fashion is turning Eco. H&M will soon be stocking a new organic cotton fashion range. Due in stores in March, the collection includes jeans, t-shirts, dresses and maternity wear. Maybe a few more pounds than the basic H&M collection, these prices are certainly not going to alienate the teen, student and young adult markets they are aiming for. H&M have been using the EU Flower Eco-Label on some of their baby clothes since 2005, which makes one question why they are arriving at the eco-fashion party ever so slightly fashionably late. Other British high street competitors have been conspicuously publisising their sustainable efforts, with Marks and Spencers leading the way.

Oasis launched their organic cotton collection last year. Top Shop, H&M's biggest UK rival, has been selling vintage and recycled clothing ranges for sometime, whilst also launching ethical jewellery collections and working with ethical clothing labels such as People Tree. Nevertheless it can only be good news that H+M have now joined the eco-fashion trend with this stylish new collection.

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