18 March 2009

Computer To Cloth ... Digital Print

Lecture 12th March 2009

Digital Print has many plusses and minuses. These are as follows:


Cheap compared to screen printing in industry
Unlimited colour range
Unlimited image size
Unlimited file size
Infinite variation of image
Photographic imagery
Smaller space requirement
Less waste
More environmentally friendly


Unsuitable for bulk production due to speed
Only direct printing
Can not use fancy techniques
You don’t get the same dye absorption
For an individual it can be very expensive
Only limited fabrics can be used
Cant print on the seams
Speed issues

Challenges and Opportunities

You have to design within the limits of technology. Technology affects current trends and fashions. Digital printing has limited exploitation. Technology allows you to do lots of other things. New designers having access to production printers, this means more one off pieces are created.

Images from - London Fashion Week: Basso and Brooke

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