23 February 2009

Totorial ...

Well I had my tutorial on Friday and it went really well but I have so many ideas that it's going to be hard to decide which on to go with and what direction I want to take my work in. From the work I have done so far I seem to be interested in very wearable fashion, and garments which are eco friendly and have a vintage style to them but you can still wear every day. There are a few books and magazines I am going to find which will help me with ideas etc.

I am really interested in 50's objects as print ideas. I am thinking of using monoprint, and maybe PVA image transfer to create some interestign effects. I am also thinking of experimenting with dissolvable fabric and tyvek. I have used these techniques before and I feel they would work so well.
We also taked about a few companies which really relate to my work which I could look at.

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