16 February 2009

Ethical Fashion Explained

What is ethical fashion?

fair trade fashion designers pay their workers a fair wage.NU Magazine clearly states which designers have the FAIRTRADE mark, as they have been through the accreditation process and invest in the communities they work with. Many smaller clothing companies cannot afford to go through the accreditation process. Organic clothes are produced using the minimum amount of toxis chemicals.Using pesticides to manufacture and colour garments is extremely harmful workers, resulting in respiratory and other health problems. The chemicals used in normal clothes production (petrochemicals) can also severely harm the environment. Wouldn’t you rather buy organic? Recycled clothing is made by designers reuseing material that has already been produced. Designers save material and clothes from the ever-growing landfill sites and make original, unique designs with it. Vintage clothes are also considered to be recycled garments. Locally produced clothes ethical as they are made in the UK. This supports local businesses, workers get a fairer wage and the clothes don’t have to travel very far either which is better for the environment. Sustainable fashion uses less energy to produce. Clothes can be made from materials that are more environmentally friendly to produce, as well as clothes made using a sustainable design that can be worn in different ways and for longer periods of time.

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